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New Addition

Bird Lasersonic is effective against birds (Pigeons, Mynas, sparrows), bats & rodents.

The Bird Lasersonic Chaser provides a convenient, effective and humane way to deter unwelcome birds from your property.

Incorporating laser + Ultrasound is a feasible deterrent method to prevent birds from roosting in your premises. 

Technical Specifications

Mains power supply: 220 – 250 V 

Power Consumptions: 4w

Operating Temperature: 0˚C to + 40˚C

Size: 250 x 190 x 85mm

Weight: 1400g

Sound Frequency

Ultrasound: 22 kHz to 25 kHz

Sound Pressure: 85 to 100dB @ 1m

Laser Output: Green 5mW@532nm

Protection Coverage

Target should be within 50m for optimum repellency.

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