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Wasp nest

Wasp & Hornet Spray

Model: EM-1738

is a ready-to-use aerosol light foamy spray formulation. When sprayed, it generates a jet of wet misty foam that provides the rapid knockdown of Prallethrin and the killing power of Cyfluthrin in a specially designed powerful aerosol spraying mechanism. The spray foams up, killing any wasps or hornets touching it. The foam also disables their flight ability, preventing it from exiting the nest. Saturate the entire nest to kill the entire nest.
(Test spray at an inconspicuous area to check for staining before mass application)

TARGETS: Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jackets


CONTENT: 450ml 


  • Prallethrin.....................................0.2% w/w

  • Cyfluthrin....................................0.05% w/w


  • Determined as Non-hazardous...99.75% w/w

TOTAL .................................................100%


FOR USE: Control Wasps and Hornets to prevent stings.



This formulation works in 3 ways;

  1. Quick Knockdown (Prallethrin) - Wasp & Hornet are paralyzed instantly on contact.

  2. Residual kill (Cyfluthrin) - Cyfluthrin affects insects by both contact or ingestion. Eventually, the insect is paralyzed or starves. 

  3. Surfactant (Foam solution) - Thoroughly wet the insect, and adhere the wings preventing flight.



*Practice before actual spraying. 

*First-timer users, do buy an extra can to 
practice and judge the reach, height & amount of spray.

*Shake Well Before Use.

Personal Protection - If you possess a bee suit, wear it for protection. If you do not possess a bee suit, wear thick, baggy clothing with a hood, covering all exposed parts of your body, especially the head, neck, and face. Ensure you are wearing eye protection, a respirator, and rubber gloves.
Warning!! Some wasp and hornet hives can be extremely aggressive. Please engage a Pest Control Specialist if you are not confident in dealing with the hive.

Direction of Spray - Aim for the nest opening and spray until the opening is saturated with foam solution before continuing to saturate the entire nest. 
It is important to aim for the opening first as the foamy solution will wet the insects’ wings, preventing flight and from exiting the hive.

Duration of Spray - Aim and spray for a 6~8 secs burst. Retreat quickly to a safe area and observe the hive from a distance. Continue spraying the hive if no danger is present. Leave the hive for 24 hours and scrap off the hive if no more activities are observed.


How long does it take to kill?
Paralyze upon contact and kills within 5 mins.

What to do if the wasps or hornets fly out? 
If any wasps and hornets fly out, you can spray in a sweeping motion to attack them directly until they are incapacitated.


Product is a tool to excellent tool for managing hornet and wasp nests. However, it also requires a minimal level of user confidence and ability for it to work. 
Always be prepared! Some hives are very aggressive and will attack once anyone enters its vicinity. 
Do not attempt & to engage a Pest Control Specialist if you are not confident in dealing with the hive.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE that one will not be attacked while using our product.

NOT SUITABLE for polished wood, painted surfaces, leather or acrylic plastics. Test small areas of sensitive surfaces for staining before wide-scale application.

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