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The Guardian
Natural Rodent Control Pellets (EM-206)

Rodenticides can harm humans and other animals that unknowingly consume or otherwise co
me into contact with them. EMIT Rodent Control Pellets is a ready-to-use tear-open box containing 120g natural control pellets. Made with natural corn cellulose, it physically controls rats without poison, making it a safe, easy-to-use rat control tool for home-owners. 


Active Ingredients

Corn cellulose -------------------------------------------- 50% w/w

Sodium Chloride------------------------------------------3% w/w

Inert Ingredients

Soybean oil, Wheat flour, Sunflower seeds, Grains---47.0% w/w

                                                                             Total 100%


  • Non-Toxic (Dogs & Cats safe!)

  • Ready-To-Use (Tear Open to use)

  • Pre-Baited (No need to add any other attractants



Rodents consume the natural rodent control pellets readily as the pellets are infused with delicious grains such as corn, nuts, and wheat. Once consumed, the pellets absorb moisture within the rodent quickly dehydrating the rodent. Lack of water will cause the rodents to become lethargic, retreat into their nest, and go into a coma.

Secondly, the natural ingredient corn cellulose will expand to several times its size blocking its digestive system and also its respiratory system. Rodents cannot excrete the expanded corn cellulose causing death.

There’s no toxicity involved which means should a cat, dog or bird of prey stumble upon a dead rat and eat it, there’s no harmful secondary poisoning that can occur. There is also no danger of poisoning dogs or cats directly by directly consuming the pellets as it does not affect it as it does to rodents. The digestive system is different.

Thirdly, the additional benefit of dehydrating the rodent is the reduction in odour. Corn cellulose is a great dehydrator and strips the moisture out of the rodents causing them to mummify, reducing the smell by up to 90%. Dried-out rat carcasses don’t smell, as compared to conventional rat poison that will leave your house smelling of dead rat or a week.



Remove all other food sources that might compete with the Natural Rodent Control Pellets.

EMIT Natural Rodent Control Pellets are only effective if rodents consume them. That’s why it’s important to remove all other food sources prior. If there are other food sources that are of higher value to the rodents, they will consume the higher-value food and not the pellets.

Deploy Natural Rodent Control pellets in places where rodent activities are high. Put pellet tray down in runways, near holes the rodents use Rats and mice are careful, and the closer the food source is to their home, the more likely they are to eat it.

If the pellets are depleted fast, continue to refill the pellets until there is no more consumption. There may be more rodents in your house than you anticipate.


EMIT Natural Rodent Control Pellets become ineffective if it get wet.

Once wet, the pellets become soft and expand rendering it useless.



How do I use The Guardian Natural Rodent Control Pellets?

It comes in a disposable tray containing 120g of pellets sufficient for 2 or more rodents. To use, simply tear open the tray cover and place the tray of pellets in areas where rats and mice are active. The rodents will consume the pellets as a food source.

Is it safe to use around pets and children?

Yes, it is safe around pets and children when used as directed. Its non-toxic formula removes the risk of secondary poisoning, making it a pet-friendly option. However, I do recommend storing the product out of reach of pets and kids.

Is it effective against all types of rats and mice?

It is formulated to target both rats and mice. Its food-grade ingredients attract rodents regardless of species. However, the efficacy of the product depends on the consumption of the product. If at any time you find that the pellets are not consumed, you need to add more attractive food based on local conditions such as peanut butter, ham or cheese bits.

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