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Snake & Scorpion Repellent Spray EM-1735

Model: EM-1735

EMIT Snake & Scorpion Repellent Spray is a ready-to-use aerosol light foamy formulation. When sprayed, it generates a fine wet misty foam with strong peppermint odour that adheres/penetrates wood, fabric, porous material to give a residual repellent effect of 2 weeks. Regular spraying is essential to recharge the repellency effect as it will wane under sunlight and through daily diffusion to the surrounding air. 
(Test spray at an inconspicuous area to check for staining before mass application)

TARGETS: Snakes, Scorpions, Centipede

CONTENT: 450ml 


  • Prallethrin...................................1.0% w/w

  • Deltamethrin...............................0.5% w/w

  • Essential Oils (Blend),.................3.0% w/w


  • Determined as Non-hazardous...95.5% w/w

TOTAL .................................................100%


Prevent Snakes, Scorpions, Monitor lizards, Centipedes, entry, foraging and nesting. Suitable for use in homes, barracks, factories, vehicles, retail stores & garages.

To prevent nesting. 

To form a protection barrier around tents. 

To stop potential snake attack or chase away snake.


Warehouses, tents, factories & homes are often good resting places for snakes, scorpions & centipedes. They like to rest in WARM & MOIST places like wood planks, machineries, tents and inside shoes. Snakes have poor eyesight and depend greatly on their keen sense of smell to move around. 
(1) This formulation contains a potent blend of pyrethroids that is excellent against cold-blooded reptiles and invertebrates like scorpions, spiders, lizards, frogs & centipedes. While pyrethroids itself control cold blooded reptiles, it also controls the food source of snake-like frogs. 
(2) This formulation contains essential oil and coats the sprayed area with a bitter and spicy taste. These bitter and spicy oils affect their olfactory glands, pectines, and act as a barrier to prevent entry & nesting. It also repels rodent which is a food source for snakes.

Shake Well Before Use. 
Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm from surface and spray surface until covered with mist foam. Do not sleep or sit directly on treated surfaces. DO NOT spray on areas frequent by your children and pets.

To prevent nesting
Spray a 30cm band around/under planks, boulders, machinery, shoes, yards, particularly at the entry point.
During initial application, spray twice a week.
During maintenance, spray once per 2 weeks.
Increase spraying after rain or in dusty environment. 

To prevent snakes & scorpions from coming to tents
Spray a 30cm band of around the base of tent and on the tent.

To stop potential snake attack or chase away snake
Stand at least 2m away from snake. Aim & spray directly at snake’s head for 5 Secs. The powerful cone of spray will frighten snakes to flee. 

Warning!! Some snakes (Cobra) can spit venom to 2m distance. Snakes should be left alone, except for snakes that poses an immediate danger to people or pets. Most snakes are shy creatures and will slitter away without causing harm.

During Maintenance, spray twice per month.
Increase spraying after rain or in dusty environment. 

**Snake and Scorpion Repellent is based MAINLY on product coming into contact with target pest. UV light, rain or dusty environment will greatly lower product‘s efficacy.

Why are Snake & Scorpion’ activities still high after spraying?

(1) Sprayed coverage area is too little. Snakes and scorpions simply avoid the sprayed areas and enters through lesser sprayed areas.

(2) Poor Sanitation. Food source is still readily available. Food waste not bagged, tied, and disposed of in refuse bins and left overnight will attract rodents which is food source for snakes. 

This product is a tool to control/prevent/reduce unwanted snake bites, centipedes, scorpion stings particularly to workers, campers & hikers. No single product can guarantee 100% protection.

Do note that direct spraying onto the target creatures will harm it. 

These creatures are part of the eco-system and should be left alone if it does not pose any danger to you.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE that one will not be attacked while using our product.

NOT SUITABLE for polished wood, painted surfaces, leather or acrylic plastics. Test small areas of sensitive surfaces for staining before wide-scale application.

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