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Mosquito Nets (Insecticide Treated Nets)

Physical Barrier against Mozzies!

This Long Lasting Insect Net is made of high-quality, breathable fabric and is treated with deltamethrin to provide long-lasting protection against mosquitos, flies, and other small biting insects. The net is designed for maximum ventilation while providing a safe and protective barrier against pesky, disease-carrying insects. The deltamethrin coating is proven to be effective for up to three years, making this net an incredibly cost-effective and dependable solution for your family's insect net needs.


Net consists of 120 denier monofilament, high-density polyethylene fibers, incorporating technical deltamethrin complying with the requirements of WHO specification 333/TC (January 2015), together with any necessary other formulants.

Active Ingredient content

The deltamethrin content shall be declared (1.8 g/kg)

Wash resistance index

The wash resistance index of deltamethrin from the netting, when determined, shall be within the range 95% to 101%

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