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Rodent Repellent Spray (EM-1107)

EMIT Rodent Repellent Spray is a ready-to-use aerosol light foamy formulation. When sprayed, it generates a fine wet misty foam with strong peppermint odour that adheres/penetrates wood, fabric, porous material to give a lasting repellent effect against rodents. Regular spraying is essential to recharge repellency effect as it will wane under sunlight and thru daily diffusion to surrounding air.

Rodents have poor eyesight and depend greatly on their keen sense of smell to move around. 
(1) EMIT Rodent Repellent Spray is formulated with a potent blend of essential oil that disrupt rodents' olfactory receptors and invoke the flee response upon detecting the odour. 
(2) EMIT Rodent Repellent Spray coats the sprayed area with a bitter and spicy taste. Rodents groom themselves several times a day. This usually starts with the front paws rubbing the face, then moving down the body all the way to the end of the tail. Their paws and legs are covered with these bitter and spicy oils as they crawl through the sprayed area. The more it tries to get rid of the oil through grooming, the stronger the stinging effect. Soon it learns to avoid all areas upon detecting the odour.  

Shake Well Before Use. 
Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm from surface and spray surface until covered with mist foam. Spray in areas you want to prevent rodent activity. Do not sleep or sit directly on treated surfaces. DO NOT spray on areas frequent by your children and pets.
To prevent entry to homes
Spray potential entry points around your home which could include around doors & windows, pipes, cracks & crevices, and vents.  
To prevent nesting in cars
Spray around perimeter of car, gloves compartment, inside engine compartment, under the hood, wiring, floor mat. Spray on rags, absorbent felts and place it in cars, vehicles to increase the repellency effect.
During Rodents Outbreak, spray several times a week to recharge the odour.
During Maintenance, spray twice per month.
Increase spraying after rain or in dusty environment. 

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